HISTORY of the waterproof jacket, part 1: 1820-1945

HISTORY of the waterproof jacket. part 1: 1820 – 1945.

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A lifetime in outdoor activities ( bike, ski , climb, mountaineer, kayak, backpack) and creating some iconic products - Karrimor; Karrimat, KSB, Haston Alpiniste, Jaguar, Hot Ice, KS-110e, KIMM, followed by a new start up in lightweight gear, OMM based on the original 1968 2 day mountain marathon. A chance phone call in 2000 from a certain Mary B. Rose of Lancaster University Management School resulted in me becoming co-author on the first history of outdoor product innovation which then lead on to a teaching collaboration, teaching innovation as a subject to u/grads and p/grads and last but not least being appointed 'innovator-in-residence'.

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  1. mary rose says:

    Great extended and tech post.Good with Keeping Dry

  2. sarah howcroft says:

    Very valuable information for anyone interested in the development of outdoor gear. It would make an excellent must read post for training purposes. Just going to read part 2 Polymer Revolution

  3. Avatar of Mary Rose Mary Rose says:

    Glad you enjoyed Sarah. Thanks to David Haythornthwaite, whose family developed Grenfell Cloth, we have been able to add some additional images.

  4. Avatar of Mary Rose Mary Rose says:

    We use WordPress on this site though the site has been professionally designed. I would start with a free platform to learn on and then move on if needed.


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