Steve Taylor Castle Climbing; committing to sustainability.

An inspiring talk (video link) taking us through the journey this London UK based climbing wall business has made so far. View either slides below or video or both consecutively.

About Mike Parsons

A lifetime in outdoor activities ( bike, ski , climb, mountaineer, kayak, backpack) and creating some iconic products - Karrimor; Karrimat, KSB, Haston Alpiniste, Jaguar, Hot Ice, KS-110e, KIMM, followed by a new start up in lightweight gear, OMM based on the original 1968 2 day mountain marathon. A chance phone call in 2000 from a certain Mary B. Rose of Lancaster University Management School resulted in me becoming co-author on the first history of outdoor product innovation which then lead on to a teaching collaboration, teaching innovation as a subject to u/grads and p/grads and last but not least being appointed 'innovator-in-residence'.

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